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The debut of F-SERIES is heralded by the character

Borrowing subliminal cues from surrealist masters such as Dali and Magritte, it is a metaphor for the slippery struggles of championing for a cause, however not without a fighting, clawing spirit. Half lobster, half banana, Radical Claws is a serial lobbyist on a constant fight for a cause — any cause spanning from the noble (transparent governments) to the mundane (consistently delicious hawker fare).


Uncertain Times,
Uncertain Causes

Time is a constant, but it is definitely not certain. These days we are jolted awake by the ghastly truths of the human condition — so alarmed we are that we willingly cajole ourselves into the deep slumber of ignorance, so bewildered we are that we surrender to the passing of time, in the repetitive glory of all its hours and minutes and seconds.

Claw for
a Cause

  1. Gender Equality
  2. Access to Clean Water & Food
  3. Animal Rights
  4. Environmental Protection
  5. World Peace
  6. Advocacy & Human Rights
  7. Education & Literacy
  8. Access to Healthcare
  9. Funding for Arts & Culture
  10. Child Rights

Not as serious but equally as important

  1. Finishing ice-cream before it melts
  2. Easy access to that last bit of toothpaste in the tube
  3. Toast buttered just right
  4. Enough sambal with your packet of nasi lemak
  5. Smartphones batteries that never dip below 50%
  6. Planes that depart on time
  7. Discouraging queue jumpers
  8. Hands-free tacos
  9. Putting buttons into the right order of holes
  10. No conversations first thing in the mornings


Our world, the one we live in is not an ideal place. Most of the causes we fight for neither attain victories or remain hopeless for a while before anything positive actually happens. But what if, there is a parallel universe where by utopia actually exists?

Radically designed T-shirts, mugs, posters and postcards will be available for sale on our e-shop soon. Please stay tuned!

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